YBit is now available on Steam

Hello, everyone!

YBit has just been released on Steam! You will be able to buy it with a discount of 15% for the following week as a release discount!

Now that YBit has been finally released on Steam, I would like to make an update about what the priorities to finish the game are from now. As you can see on the page, the game is still on Early Access. This means that though it is playable and it already shows a fair version of what the final gameplay will be, the game isn’t finished.

So, if you are wondering what changes are going to come in the future, here is the full official goal list:

  • To have around 100 levels(if it’s possible, a lot more)
  • Final art
  • Sequences of fixed dialogs along the levels + extra dialogues based on the gameplay events
  • A finished movement + 10-15 boxes that have different effects when the player interacts with them.
  • Full keyboard control support and joystick support during gameplay

From here, we already have the full keyboard and joystick control support and have almost finished many of the other goals. We can also add the OST music which is being made by Iván and Martín.

With all of this in mind, I hope to be releasing the final version in a few months.

Anyway, hope that you like the game and have fun playing it!