Sunday DevLog Update 13th of August

Hello, everyone!

I have a bunch of updates regarding many current and future projects.

First of all, about Witchcraft, we are really close to the early access release. Hugo has already finished the Caelestian base (click on the image to check it out!) and some other details that were left on the other scenes. Once we have that and make some small fixes to the screens, we will be finally uploading it to Steam. So, hopefully, less than two months for release!

Also, for YBit, I didn’t have a lot of playable progress from my side, but I have new ideas on how I am going to tie up the story. Meanwhile, Iván (composer of the OST of Wasting Bullets) and Martín (a friend of his) are making the OST for YBit! I just heard a preview of the menu for now, but I can already say that it sounds almost exactly like the vision I had. Just a few changes and I will probably be adding it to the game soon.

Now, more new stuff that is coming up, I started working on my own engine based on MonoGame and you can check it out here if you want. It is really empty for now, but with Kevin, we will be making a game using it so, I plan to complete it with the progress we make from it.

Lastly, I have been talking to people I have worked with before and we are going to make a video game studio, totally indie, in our free time of course. We probably will be announcing it when we have something more defined.

So that’s all for now, thanks for reading!