Event: Experiencia Da Vinci

Hello, everyone!

Last week, Hugo and I gave a free class at the event Experiencia Da Vinci that was host where we give classes.

It was a really fun and challenging experience. Challenging because we had to show a really quick overview of Unity and everyone had to be able to go back to their homes with a working build. All of this in less than the hours! And fun because it was really cool to see what people cool to make in their first two hours of ever using Unity.

Of course, you will say “but how the heck did they make a game in less than two hours?!”. Well, there is a trick… we made a bunch of prefabs for a platformer game (one that was kinda like Mario) so they just had to throw them in the scene and then move around. I know it sounds really silly now but, for people who never used Unity before, or even more, maybe never made a game before, this was probably a really cool thing! And it was free!

I am already looking forward to the next time a thing like this happen again. I already participated before in something similar so I guess there will be another one in the future!

Thanks for reading!