Sunday DevLog Update 18th of June

Hello, everyone!

So long time without an update, sorry about that. I had been really busy with my work but I kept working on side projects as always!

I have updates for Witchcraft and the Knight game (we don’t have a name for it yet)

First, regarding the Knight game, I already started making the AI and the interaction with the player. The enemies, based on their stats, are being able to block different type of attacks that the player can send them. Also, we added a damaging effect to give feedback to the player so he can know when he hits. Apart from that, Warpy worked on some life and stamina bars that I already coded in the game. We will have to make a few touches to it and then a lot of balancing, but at least they are already working!

Now for Witchcraft, Hugo almost finished the new level for the Caelestian. As you can see, it still has placeholder art but it is almost complete. From my side, I had been working on the Skill Selection and I can say it is almost done! As soon I finish it I will be working on the new characters Kevin made for the game. With some bit of luck, in a few months, we will be able to publish it on Steam!

That’s all for now. These updates are taking a long time to make, but trust me that they will be worthy!

Thanks for reading!