Sunday Devlog Update 21st of May

Hello, everyone!

So long time without updates! Last few weeks I had been working on Witchcraft and two new small games!

So, first, for Witchcraft, we still need the art to be finished in order to continue. Yesterday I received the new animations and models of two new characters to add to the game. Hugo is still working on the scenes that are being made a bit slowly and it’s taking maybe too much. Anyway, we don’t want to rush things and have something well done published instead of a rushing thing. Even for the early access.

Now, about the two new games. One is a new flash web game that I am making with Warpy. We already made a game together a long time ago called Perpetual. If you ever played it, you may know it wasn’t the best game ever, it has a lot of game design flaws. But this time, we are more experienced and ready to make a better game.

This new game will be inspired by the old game Crossed Swords but with some changes to the battle system. Also, the adventure itself, it will be a knight going through a procedural dungeon.

It is still a working on, we are testing the feel of the battle, but hope to have more news soon.

Finally, about the other game, is just a small mobile game I am making in Unity for Android. I guess a mobile game is a must I haven’t done yet so it is time to do it!

That’s all for know, thanks a lot for reading!