Framework Mono – v1.0 Official Release

Hello, everyone!

Framework Mono has its first official release in GitHub. I decided it has enough stuff to be officially released here. There shouldn’t be any bugs, untranslated things (I began this framework in Spanish…) or anything uncommented. Also, it already has been tested on enough projects, in my opinion, recently used in Asterash, so it should be stable enough I hope!

Of course, I don’t plan to leave it, my plan is to continue adding it more stuff while I work on new projects with it. There is a list of issues I have in mind for it that are already on GitHub project. And of course, I plan to add more while I work on other stuff.

Also, it isn’t a goal yet it would be cool to get more people on it, kinda a nostalgic thing for Flash, and use it for their games. I would be helping in whatever is needed. In order to achieve that, I am making the whole documentation on this website and on the GitHub wiki. So if you still feel something for Flash, come and join me!

In other news, I plan to do this for the other frameworks too!

Thanks for reading!