Sunday DevLog Update 9th of April

Hello, everyone!

So new updates regarding the website, Framework Mono, Witchcraft and more!

First, about the website itself, I had been adding a lot of tutorials for Framework Mono. The plan is to finally finish the documentation of each framework. And regarding Framework Mono in particular, I added two new updates to it:

  • Now you can initialize all common managers by calling the method initManagers from
  • Now you can pause movie clips and play them in case you are pausing the game for example. The plan is to add more features to this class so you can have more control of this.

About Witchcraft, we have made a list of things to be done every two weeks in order to finish as soon as possible the whole thing. Hugo has almost finished the new art of the mid-level. You can click the image to see it better (though without the movement doesn’t give the same feel). Meanwhile, Kevin finished one character with its animation and started the new character, can’t wait to be able to show them during gameplay. For last, Martín and I had been working on all the interfaces (as we had been doing lately). Maybe, I will be able to show you soon the big changes we had been doing to it.

In other news, I will be giving a talk at Escuela Da Vinci this Tuesday where I will talk about how people can start making their first videogame (which tool use, where to publish, where can they learn how to make them, etc).

Thanks for reading!