Sunday DevLog Update 2nd of April

Hello, everyone!

So I have lots of news regarding Witchcraft, the frameworks and more!

First, let’s start with Witchcraft. As you already know, KevMiles, the artist of Asterash, is now a new member of Silky Smooth Studios. He has been working on the new characters, and hopefully the latest version of them. We will be having, at least, two different characters for each team. He is currently finishing the first character of one team but the good news is that he can use the same animations for the next three characters, so the next ones should be quicker! Also, Hugo has almost finished the middle level in its final version. He is currently trying different bake options to find the best one so we don’t lose performance.

From my side, I had been working on the new skill selection that Martin designed. It is coming a bit slowly because we have to keep passing what we have done and test it every time. It is also a really tedious process to make UI so it is taking it time. We are also making some fixes in general for the game while we test this and wait for the art to be finished. The good news is that, once the art is finished, we will be ready to finally publish the game on Steam.

Now, about the Frameworks, I had been adding a few changes to each one of them. If you are interested, here is the complete list:

  • Framework Mono
    • Now it has a preloader that you can easily implement. The with the assets are ready to copy and paste to any project and use.
    • Added two new functions to getCos and getSin, both will give you an extended version of Sin and Cos that will let you change the amplitude, the frequency and the displacement.
    • Fixed some descriptions in
  • Framework Goat
    • Modified InputController.hx so it uses the stage and detects the input as it should.
    • Added SimpleAnimationController.hx so you can make simple animations really quick. It should work as a base class for future animation controllers I will add.
  • Framework Hiena
    • Added two new functions to HienaMath.cs: GetCOs and GetSin, both will give you, as in Framework Mono, an extended version of Sin and Cos that will let you change the amplitude, the frequency and the displacement.

Probably more updates will come in the near future.

Finally, as “more” news. I will probably start working on a new project but I still don’t have much to say. Hope to have something to show soon.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!