Got a supporter status on Newgrounds!

Hello, everyone!

So I recently got a supporter status on Newgrounds. The awesome part is that it was a gift from someone I didn’t know from Newgrounds community.

The user is Funkmachine and he just paid for my support status because he is looking forward to promoting the Newgrounds indie developers community. What he is doing is really cool because of two reasons.

The first one, and most important one, he is helping directly to Newgrounds by giving support status because the site is needing the money to stay afloat. Recently, thanks to plugins like AdBlock, the website, and many developers got their revenue share downgraded a lot. I know that watching some ads can be annoying, but these sites live off that. By using that you may be supporting, in an indirect way, a pay to view system. That’s why Newgrounds, in order to not close and keep the free system that is totally needed, had to create this support status.

The other thing that helps a lot, and this is direct of how he is helping, is that he is giving an incentive to developers to keep working. I mean, he isn’t paying us at all, but having this kind of support from players does really motivate.

So, thank you Funkmachine for the support status! Promise to keep it up!

And thank you for reading! Tomorrow I will post a big Sunday DevLog so stay tuned!