Sunday Devlog Update 19th of March

Hello, everyone!

So new updates for Witchcraft and Asterash!

First of all, about Witchcraft, we have a new teammate, KevMiles, the artist of Asterash, will help with the art of Witchcraft. So now, we have two artists on the team. We hope that now we will be able to finish sooner what we need for the early access at Steam. Also, from my side, I had been working on menu stuff, though I don’t have too much to do till the art is finished.

Now, for Asterash, we made a few updates during this week based on people feedback. We hope these updates improve the game for them. Some of these updates were adding sound effects, added some visual options and we added some features to improve the small amount of money we can get from ads 🙂

That’s all for this week. Hope to have more next one, thanks for reading!