Sunday Devlog Update 1st of January

Hello everyone!

First of all, happy new year to all of you! I have updates about all the projects.

For Witchcraft, we will start working hard on it again from now till the release date. We will use scrums and have new updates every week in the three ‘big’ areas (art, game design and programming). Our goal is to have it published on Steam by March but it is an estimated date, it can be before or after that.

About Pyroscape 4, Fro is taking all the needed photos for the “escape room” minigame. I probably won’t have them by this week because of new year celebrations but maybe for the next one we will have it working! Also, did you check his new youtube channel already? If not, check it here.

Now, it is the bullet hell game’s turn, we have a new enemy working and some new weapon upgrades. The new enemy is one that comes from behind and fires at you with a big cannon. This cannon bullet explodes and fires a lot of small bullets in a circle area. The goal of this new enemy is to make the player move around a bit more, since you will need to go back in order to fire at it and also, if he fires his cannon, you will have to move in order to avoid the small bullets.

Also, we added a new level of upgrade for the shotgun. We plan to add three levels of upgrades for each weapon and we started with this one. Now, added to the Super Shotgun, the third update will make a small swipe in front of the character causing massive damage and removing close bullets. But, it comes with a negative effect, the fire cooldown is higher than the Super Shotgun. We want to make this third and last level of upgrade to have a new, deeper level of gameplay. Making it more powerfull but, because of its negative effect, more strategicly needed. Also, for all the shotguns bullets, we made a small balance that makes the bullets hit less if they are far away. This is represented by changing the bullet’s size.

Lastly, we added a new second level upgrade for the cannon, now you can have double cannons. The second upgrade will add two back cannons so you can place yourself in the middle of the stage and fire in both directions. We plan to give the player more movility around the stage without loosing too much fire angle.

Finally, regarding the frameworks, I made a small name change in the object pool utility of Framework Hiena; I started a class name with I, silly me…

Fixed a bug in Framework Mono, I was making a mistake in the class and also having an unnecesary var.

And for last, I added tons of new classes to Framework Goat. I plan to have it ready as soon as possible and maybe try it out at a game jam.

That’s all, thanks for reading!