Sunday Devlog Update 18th of December

Hello everyone!

New updates regarding Witchcraft, the bullet hell game and Pyroscape 4!

First of all, for Witchcraft, we have filled all the neccesary documentation and they’ve already approved it so we are, almost sure, ready to go! If everything goes as planned, it should be published in the following months as early acces.

About the bullet hell game, we have a bunch of updates. We added a lot of cool new stuff, here are the most important additions and changes:

  • New weapons
    • Rocket Launcher – Fires rocket with low precision but high ammount of damage.
    • Shotgun – Fires four bullets in different directions.
  • New levels of upgrade for the weapons – This upgrades will appear only if you have the base weapon making it more powerful.
    • Double Machine Gun – Upgrades the Machine Gun adding another fire slot but it makes the ship move slower.
    • Super Shotgun – Upgrades the Shotgun adding four more bullets in all directions but it gives a big kick back to the ship when firing.
    • Hooming Rockets – Upgrades the Rocket Launcher making the rockets have a small hooming to the closest target for a few seconds.
  • Added score to the game
    • Added score pop ups jumping everywhere when you hit or make something explode.
    • Added a highscore table using the Newgrounds API with also a medal that you will be able to get only if you get to the top of all time at least once.

And these are just some of the changes, there are a lot more of tiny changes we made to keep adding more to the feel of the game.

Finally, for Pyroscape 4, we have a new minigame working where you have to smash all your keyboard in order to save Nick from falling to the fire. First it was going to be just a key of the keyboard but probably smashing all the keyboard makes it more fun than just a key.

Thanks for reading!