Sunday Devlog Update 4th of December

Hi everyone!

So new updates regarding Framework Mono, Pyroscape 4 and the Bullet Hell game.

First, for Framework Mono, I have been adding more tutorials on how to use some of the scripts. There is still a lot to be done but I am adding a few per day. Also, I made some updates in the GitHub from deleting some unnecesary variables that had to some name changes I did to

Now, from Pyroscape 4, we have the new official trailer:

We are still working on the minigames, but with the videos transition working we should be having it done soon!

Also, from the Bullet Hell game, we have the art of the new enemy. This new enemy will be a defensive one that will put shields to other ships in order to protect them. This will make you focus on it first in order to destroy your other enemies. From my part, the code side, I didn’t finish implementing it, but probably for the next week we will have it working!

Finally, I wanted to say that I made a few progress on the skill selection screen of Witchcraft. Also, we have been searching for advice on how to fill all the documentation Steam requires before launching it on the platform but that is moving slowly. Anyway, once we know how to do it, everything will probably go fast and smooth.

Thanks for reading!