Sunday Devlog Update 27th of November

Hi everyone!

So a bunch of updates this week regarding all the projects!

First of all, I finally started working on Pyroscape 4. Fro already sent me all the material I needed and I already started working in the transitions and setting up everything. Even though we have a new Nick, I think this new chapter will do justice to the saga and be as fun and bizarre as all the other ones.

mediumenemybullethellI have also beenĀ  working on the bullet hell game, which still has no official name… The new big update we have is that a new enemy is already working and giving battle! This new enemy moves really slow and has a big ammount of life. His attacks give more dynamism to the battle feeling since it has two different attacks. One of them shoots three bullets in different directions which closes the space where you can be, while the other attack fires a bunch of fast bullets in front of him. Our next enemy will be one that puts a shield over the other ships to protect them, making them more difficult (but not impossible) to kill until you finish it first.

Also, I added to Framework Mono, in the initial description, the link to this website and changed some vars names that were in spanish. Also, if you have already read my last post, you will know that the website now supports code in posts or comments! Having this, I started making all the documentation of Framework Mono which can be seen in the framework page. For now, I added this week a getting started guide and tutorials on how to use the, and

For Witchcraft I am still making the skill selection menu, it is a headache to make it and I forgot how tedious it is to make screens! But hope to finish it as soon as possible so I can start with the online feature.

And for last, I think I finished editing the new website theme. I added more words to the summaries of the posts so there aren’t just a few words and nothing else.

Thats all for now, thanks for reading!