Sunday Devlog Update 20th of November

Hi everyone!

This time I will come with some news regarding games. First of all, I will start with Witchcraft.

I have started to code the Skill Selection Screen. I didn’t remember how complex it was, a simple screen can be very tedious to set up and  to make it work nicely as well, it still isn’t working but it is half way done! Will be uploading screenshots once it’s does or maybe a video.

Then, I added to the Games section, in Work in progress, two new projects. One of them is the bullet hell game (which still doesn’t have a name) you already know. We have been working on it this week and I can say we have now a nice camera effect when destroying things. We will be making adjustements to it but it is already working nicely!

Finally, Pyroscape 4 was announced and I added it to the Work in progress part. For now, I haven’t touched a thing yet but we have most, or all, of the videos we will use and all that’s left is to edit them and write down how the minigames will work.

Not much for a Sunday Devlog, probably next week I will have more news!